Understanding this very vital decision making process your customers go through will better help you to effectively create marketing strategies and position your business to meet your clients needs at every stage of the journey. Below shows and explains the path a customer takes in the decision making process:

  • Engagement:

A client begins to search for a solution once they realize they have a problem, at this stage they will be engaged with your brand (along with several others) through an advertisement they have previously or recently come across. Then the client engages with several brands that offer the same product/service making a list of qualified brands, which then takes them to the next stage.


  • Research:

Because clients trust other sources for referral about a product and service than advertisement from the brand itself, the client does a research on the listed brands via search engines, social media, business listings sites, review sites and blogs, referrals from people (family, friends, other clients) and via other means of research to find the best possible option that can offer him a solution, at this stage he does a preliminary list of the top 3 – 5 companies that can offer the best solution he seeks. He does a comparison between these companies by doing a further research on each company by checking for their Quality, Service, Reliability and Efficiency.


  • Purchase: 

This is the stage a client agrees to do business with you. A client will only pay for any one of the product and service on their preliminary listing that they perceive offers them the highest value for their money. But The Journey does not end with them making a purchase.


  • Use/review: 

Every client after purchase always doubts if they have indeed made the right decision. This is the stage a client uses the Product and service he has just purchase, at this stage a client does a review and analysis of the value of the product and services you have rendered, because as stated earlier customers will always doubt after they subscribe to any product or services, so even after purchase they will continue to evaluate and re-evaluate your products and services.


  • Share/Evangelism: 

Clients will always share the findings about your product and service from the analysis done in the previous step, whether positive or negative. They share their reviews via word of mouth, writing in review sites and business listings etc.  This stage is very important because their reviews will ultimately influence the customer journey of other potential clients.


  • Replacement:

At this stage, which is only reached when the stipulated time for the rendered services lapses, or use of the product expires, the client is left with 3 options which are :

  1. Re-purchase
  2. Don’t re-purchase
  • Look for somewhere else that renders similar products and services. It is only at this stage that a client can be called a customer.

(It should be noted that sometimes clients may jump a stage depending on how high a risk purchasing that product and service is).

This is why you need a professional company in the business of branding, marketing and public relations to help you make sure that your clients are satisfied at every stage of their customer journey. Want to engage our services? Get in touch with us NOW!